Ostrovul Preasna Veche, râul Mostiştea
Preasna Veche islet, Mostistea river
Pauză de zbor la Brastavăţu
Flight break at Brastavăţu
Tell-ul Gumelniţa, lângă Olteniţa (jud. Călăraşi)
Gumelnita Tell, near Olteniţa
Șantier arheologic - Bucșani
Archaeological site - Bucșani
Tumulul de la Vânători
Vânători       tomb         
Fotografie aeriana Mostistea (1977)
Mostistea Valley aerial photo


Aviation Museum (Bucharest)

Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum (Bucharest)

Teleorman County Museum (Alexandria)

Boian Plain Museum (Drăgănești-Olt)

Ostrovit S.A.

Caro Hotel

Aerial Archaeology. In Romania and in Europe

By Rog Palmer, Irina Oberländer-Târnoveanu, Carmen Bem

AARG 2010

15th – 18th September 2010

Bucharest, Romania


Booking for AARG2010 is in two parts – conference registration in one form and accommodation booking in another. Please note that delegates are responsible for their own accommodation booking and that early booking of both accommodation and conference is encouraged.

  1. Conference registration form to be sent to Lidia Żuk  ( lidkazuk @ amu.edu.pl )  

  2. Accommodation form to be sent direct to hotel                     


Conference Venue
The Hotel Caro Parc is a 3 star hotel in a quiet location in Bucharest and well placed close to Tei Lake, the city centre and is only 20 minutes from Henri Coanda Airport. Most of the rooms have air conditioning, and almost all of them have balconies. There is a safe car park that can be used for a small charge by arrangement with the hotel. More importantly it also has a bar.  

AARG2010 Conference Structure

16 & 17 September      AARG 2010 conference papers

18 September             Field trip to Neolithic sites south of Bucharest, towards the Danube


15 September                          Pre-conference workshop:

                                                 ‘Remote-sensing mapping programmes in archaeology:

                                                   planning, organisation, results’

Further details to be announced, but if you wish to attend (spaces are limited) please indicate your interest to Irina Oberländer-Tarnoveanu (Irina @ cimec.ro)